Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Astro Bursa Malysia High Dividend

Astro Bursa Malysia High Dividend: Many of my friends suffered losses in Astro. Some said Astro target price is high and want to keep to collect dividend and waiting for Astro to reach its fair value. Other high dividend stock in Bursa Malsysia stock market, such as Hua Yang and Pentech.

I hope they are making good profit in stock market so that they will not really feel the losses. For me, I'm using PEGGY Method and Dollar Cost Average.

My Fund Performance
2010 35.9%
2011 27.3%
2012 until to Sep 14.2%

2010 19.3%
2011 0.75%
2012 uuntil Sep 6.9%

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More information on Dollar Cost Averaging, here.

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